Mr Gregory Sakashvili is a Georgian citizen and one of the biggest pharmaceutical distributors in Caucasus, supplying pharmaceuticals/medical products in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In his warehouses he has more than 10 000 cheap generic products from the Far East, mostly from India and China.

He wants to source pharmaceutical products from the EU to replace the bestselling brands.

Suggested solution:

We suggested Mr Sakashvili two options for product delivery. First, the finished product (packed and ready for supply) will be delivered directly to his warehouse in Georgia for distribution on Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani markets. Second: bulk delivery from EU manufacturer will be sent to re-packing facility in Georgia and later re-packed in a separate batch for Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani markets. In the meantime regulatory changes were suggested by our Regulatory Department and applied to MA already held by Mr Sakashvili Distribution Company.

Currently we are implementing the first option, complete pack delivered to Georgia with second option running in parallel, organising re-packing facility for bulk delivery from EU manufacturer.