At J&P Pharma, we are on a continuous exploration of the emerging business opportunities that could result in successful business alliances. Although the local pharmaceutical markets in Africa, Asia, as well as Central and Eastern Europe deliver prospects for such ventures, too many pharmaceutical companies find it hard to seize these business opportunities. J&P Pharma could, therefore, become an ideal partner for establishing your pharmaceutical business alliances as we have over 10 years long, hands-on experience and the necessary know-how to help you find your pharmaceutical business partnerships. The highlights of our expertise include:

Directing foreign companies with the best route to local pharmaceutical markets

  • Optimizing your business development opportunities by ensuring the possibility of finding the most suitable method to reach the local pharmaceutical markets for a successful business partnership.
  • Maximizing your ability to target potential pharmaceutical business collaboration with partners in the African, European and Asian pharmaceutical markets.
  • Guiding through business development and licensing process in the local pharmaceutical markets.

Recommending local partners, distributors, importers or agents for pharmaceutical companies

  • Based on your company profile and business development plan, we will recommend suitable local pharmaceutical/medical companies to establish effective pharmaceutical business collaboration.
  • We will assist you in promoting business partnerships for your out-licensing opportunities.
  • Our expertise in medical marketing guarantees efficient business linkup between your company and pharmaceutical wholesalers, distributors, and importers.

Setting up Joint-Ventures and affiliates companies

If you are looking for a joint-venture or affiliation in the field of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products, we can help you achieve that. Through our wide network of global pharmaceutical business associates, as well as thanks to the thorough knowledge of the pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, we have the capacity to establish pharmaceutical business alliances between companies sharing the same business interests.

Proposing pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices

Looking for business partners in the field of pharmaceuticals can turn futile if lacking the necessary expertise in medicinal products and devices. Our proficiency in that sphere permits us to provide specialized pharmaceutical counseling that leads to successful entrepreneurial ventures and pharmaceutical business collaborations.

Importing pharmaceutical products for local distribution

Through our international network of certified pharmaceutical product producers, including European Union generics, food supplements and medical devices, as well as, experience in the Regulatory Affairs of local pharmaceutical markets we are able to ensure import of quality pharmaceutical products to almost any destination worldwide.

Sales & marketing through local businesses

Our, over a decade long presence on the local pharmaceutical markets in Africa, Asia and Europe and successful business collaborations with the local pharmaceutical companies, validates our capacity of organizing effective sales and marketing plans for thriving pharmaceutical business partnerships. Based on your company’s business goals, we provide assistance in developing and executing marketing plan to best match your business objectives and sale targets.

Founding and appointing distributorship to local companies

We are permanently searching for new distributors, or wholesalers for European companies wishing to sell EU products directly to markets in Africa, Asia and Europe. If you are a distributor, wholesaler, pharmaceutical importer or medical/pharmaceutical trader, and your company is searching for products from Europe, whether generics, medical devices or food supplements, contact us or send us your “shopping list” for assessment.