Boris Ivanov lives in Kazakhstan. For several years he was working for multinational pharmaceutical manufacture as Country Director, and recently he lost his job as the company was sold to another multinational. With his experience and knowledge of local market he would like to provide generics from small and medium size EU manufactures to Kazakh distributors.

Mr. Ivanov wonders whether he can enter Kazakh market as EU Company with EU products.

Suggested solution:

At first we helped Mr. Ivanov to set up a trading company, thus ensuring that his trading profits will not be taxed in Kazakhstan (his country of residence), nor in Greece, Portugal or Spain where he is buying his products. Based on the analysis of local market Mr Ivanov requested several niche pharmaceutical products from EU companies, but without current presence on the Kazakh market.

Since we are already in contact with several EU pharmaceutical manufactures it took us very quickly to come with list of such product, afterwards prices were agreed and Supply Agreement signed. Currently Mr Ivanov’s EU Company is fully operational and has at the moment 5 products registered in Kazakhstan, and another 7 under registration.