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Pharmaceutical Product Switching

Mr Gregory Sakashvili is a Georgian citizen and one of the biggest pharmaceutical distributors in Caucasus, supplying pharmaceuticals/medical products in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In his warehouses he has more than 10 000 cheap generic products from the Far East, mostly from India and China. He wants to source pharmaceutical products from the EU to replace the bestselling brands. Suggested solution: We suggested Mr Sakashvili two options for product delivery. First, the finished product (packed and ready for supply) will be delivered directly to his warehouse in Georgia for distribution on Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani markets. Second: bulk delivery from EU manufacturer will be sent to re-packing facility in Georgia and later re-packed in a separate batch for Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani markets. In the meantime regulatory changes were suggested by our Regulatory Department and applied to MA already held by Mr Sakashvili Distribution Company. Currently we are implementing the first option, complete pack delivered to Georgia with second option running in parallel, organising re-packing facility for bulk delivery from EU manufacturer.

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Niche products from EU

Boris Ivanov lives in Kazakhstan. For several years he was working for multinational pharmaceutical manufacture as Country Director, and recently he lost his job as the company was sold to another multinational. With his experience and knowledge of local market he would like to provide generics from small and medium size EU manufactures to Kazakh distributors. Mr. Ivanov wonders whether he can enter Kazakh market as EU Company with EU products. Suggested solution: At first we helped Mr. Ivanov to set up a trading company, thus ensuring that his trading profits will not be taxed in Kazakhstan (his country of residence), nor in Greece, Portugal or Spain where he is buying his products. Based on the analysis of local market Mr Ivanov requested several niche pharmaceutical products from EU companies, but without current presence on the Kazakh market. Since we are already in contact with several EU pharmaceutical manufactures it took us very quickly to come with list of such product, afterwards prices were agreed and Supply Agreement signed. Currently Mr Ivanov’s EU Company is fully operational and has at the moment 5 products registered in Kazakhstan, and another 7 under registration.

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Medical Devices

Pharma Ltd., a company incorporated and managed in South Africa and engaged in pharmaceutical distribution, is looking for Medical Devices with CE Mark for South African, Namibian and Botswana markets. How to supply Pharma Ltd with European Medical Devices in effective manner? Suggested solution: After checking our data base we found that Italian company MD- Italy has a range of MD with Hyaluronic Acid in form of suppositories. Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural building block of the human body, interacts with water forming a widely dispersed molecular matrix, necessary for the selective diffusion of the ingredients. The importance of Hyaluronic acid lies to its contribution to the migration of cellular groups involved in the healing process and restoration of the damaged tissues. It also contributes to the hydration of the tissues facilitating the flow of epithelial cells. All four medical devices are already registered and distributed in Italy, Spain and Germany with same CE Mark number. Italian manufacture also suggested indication for products as supporting factor of the restoration procedures of atrophic and dystrophic conditions of vaginal mucosa. It facilitates the healing after birth, in surgical operations of the vagina, after cryoablation. in dystrophies following chemotherapy with ionizing radiation laser, in senile dryness, in oestrogens insufficiency due to natural menopause but also due to menopause caused by medical reasons, such as hysterectomy, ovariectomy as well as long-term administration strati on of corticosteroids. A quick market research has been performed in Southern Africa, new brand names for medical devices chosen and added to current CE registration in Italy. In parallel Pharma Ltd apply for registration to MCC of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

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